Montpelier, the mask begins to fall!


It is of custom, in France, to violate to the every day life an agreement which aims at protecting the children: the international agreement of the rights of the child

Collective of child welfare against the French justice

The judges in the domestic cases and the children's judges have for custom to break more and more frequently the article  3 and the article 9 of this agreement.
 The destruction of the family is a French political will because that it makes a whole economic system work!


Here is for the example a list of condemned children
France becomes the worst European example as regards the child welfare today
  • The opinion of the intermediary of the Republic

  • In certain countries, the children are less well handled than with the cattle in the slaughterhouse! For example, an extreme case - > Click here.  It is not regrettably utopian to think that the politics French will bring us one day to situations of drift so dramatic so much our children are not a part of their concerns !

    Denounce the unacceptable history undergone by your child: Write us
    Frédéric CHAUMONT, founder of the collective of child welfare against the failures of the French justice.
    The Canadian example: an example maybe interesting?
    Protocol of Toronto: a relevant explanation to understand(include) what takes place in France in the name of the child welfare

    The sovereign justice: blind person, deaf person and mute...

    The bare and powerless citizen...
    Are we on the planet of the people either on the planet of the monkeys?